Future Workshop at Kawartha Heritage Conservancy

The Future Workshop was developed for participatory design of information systems by Junkt and Mullert in 1987 (McPhail et al, 1998). It consists of three phases – critique, fantasy and implementation which enable potential users of an information system to expose flaws in their current system, bring to light their ideal system or features and decide what they would like to see prototyped.

On February 19, 2011, Alexandra Hall and I went to Peterborough, ON to lead a Future Workshop with staff, volunteers and other stakeholders at Kawartha Heritage Conservancy, a land, biodiversity and cultural heritage conservation organization. Our objective was to engage in a participatory design session which would shed light on our development of an Intranet to support the organization’s knowledge management strategy.

Although we intended to begin the workshop with an icebreaker, our time was limited and we skipped right into the critique phase, during which participants pointed to weaknesses in their current file organization and sharing system. For the fantasy phase, we were inspired by a session organized by Terry Costantino at Usability Matters earlier this month. The participants imagined their ‘dream’ information system and wrote down each idea on a post-it which they then put on the wall. Afterwards, we had intended to use a “dot-mocracy” exercise for the implementation phase, where participants would each vote for their favourite post-it using 5-10 dot stickers. However, again in the interest of time, we ended up having an open discussion of the proposed features instead. All in all, it was a very informative session and I look forward to showing them the first prototype.


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